Final Report


The final report from the Independent Commission on Local Government Finance has been released on February 18 2015

The Commission was set up because Local Government finance urgently needs reform

The Commission’s vision is for a finance system that:

  • Promotes self-reliance and self-sufficiency
  • Encourages entrepreneurialism and innovation
  • Promotes local decision-making on service delivery
  • Is transparent in how it works and in the division of responsibilities between central and local government
  • Maintains support for the most vulnerable.

In his press release Darra Singh, Chair of the Independent Commission on Local Government Finance said:

“Local government and the services it provides are on a cliff-edge.

“Councils’ success at implementing cuts over the past few years has shielded people from the stark reality that the services they use can’t carry as they are for much longer.

“The urgent need for reform is going to be one of the biggest and most important challenges facing the next government. Without it, many of the key services which have been part of everyday life for generations may not be there much longer.

The Commission would like to thank all those organisations who contributed to its report. The feedback was varied and informative and ranged from Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Manchester City Council to the National Audit Office.

Download final report

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